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Limbo & Lust: Last Entry on Tour of EU & UK: Day 43 of 365

This is my last journal entry, from the UK at least before I leave for my trip across the globe.

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As all documentation I can make of my trips across Europe in 2012 has came to an end, this will be my last entry for the EU and the UK for now. All documented besides Octoberfest in Munich, Germany; but you guys don't want to hear how messy that was.
I don't honestly know how other travellers might feel, maybe because I've only done a few trips so far in my life. But a big reason behind why I book my journey's the last minute is because I simply don't like waiting, at most I will wait a fortnight. Sometimes this can work in your favour i.e last minute deals etc... or you might get bitten on the backside with extortionate prices capable of making Bill Gates cringe, maybe.

But planning a trip which you don't know the full duration of can only mean cutting every possible tie that may hold you back. In my case my job, my car, phone bill and any other restrictions. Which of course will be worth it in the end, and despite these factors I don't have anything that has really made me think twice about going across the globe. I think my effort of growing a small designer* moustache, not to mention sporting a pair of dashing thick frame black glasses, has resulted in me looking like an ugly imitation of Johnny Depp. Successfully driving all possibilities of female attention and relationships away like the plague. The waiting before a journey always irritates me so much. Because that period of time spent waiting without tools to do things here at home could have been spent meeting someone new, doing something different. But you're in transition, in limbo.
(* It's actually a despicable excuse for a moustache; looking like a caterpillar crossed my top lip.)

In all seriousness though, I personally believe you have two choices in life; or to gamble with as it were.
The first choice being that you can focus on a career path which might not be for you deep down but it will bring income and a steady lifestyle, satisfying financially. In doing so you put hobbies and passions aside and think sensibly, but the soul is otherwise dissatisfied with lust.
The second being a choice to follow what you know will be a tricky path. Taking a gamble against odd's which you know might not work out, in my case photography and travelling. As opposed to the first choice, for me a career in the forces.
The second choice is concerning as you may worry about financial issues, outcomes, success etc... But you are feeding the soul with new experiences, fulfilling your true ambitions and doing the things you love. What im trying to get across is that if you're like me, have minimal ties, material things holding you back from your ambitions; dont let them stop you. Cut the ties that don't have social implications. I write this last entry about this because I see more and more people suffering under choices that shouldn't be holding them back. People with families, mortgages, they're real ties; real responsibilities. Iv'e taken the plunge to get my inspiration from seeing the globe in my line of work, if that plan fails it doesn't really matter. It just means coming back and following that first choice, it sounds cheesy but If you never try you'll never know, without ties what can you lose? To those in my village who follow my work after reading this week's newsletter, I thank you very much for your support in my work. Hell to anyone who's reading this now, thanks it means alot.
Nothing would be worth documenting if it weren't to show my friends and family at home who I will miss over these next few months. I will be trying my best to give people back home my take on the world which I hope you will enjoy.
Beer and friends on the 21st followed by my departure on the 28th will be a damn good end to this month! On that note this is me signing off from the UK. Until next time, see you in Hong Kong at the start of my new blog.-R

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